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riddering: Seriously. I have long moments of plotting out porn or just thinking about porn and then I'll realize that someone is talking to me and omg, what did I look like just a minute ago? What was the expression on my face? Did I mutter anything?


It all started when I found Fleeting Fancies long ago. After I started browsing through the site and learning what rec'ing really was, I fell in love with the idea. Even though I wasn't very good at making layouts, I wanted to make a site bad enough that I learned how. From the moment I started, I loved it. It gives me hours of great stuff to read and look at! Back then and now, I wanted to provide recs for things of a wide variety, so us "crack" addicts don't go stir crazy. I'd say half my recs are unconventional pairings, though I do have a lot of popular pairings too. It all depends on my mood. Something I've come to realize is that, you may dig for a while and find some great sites, but if you stick around and dig some more, you'll find even better treasure than before (or something you missed!). Also, a *great* way to learn Japanese words.

I chose the name "Tanoshii na mono" because I thought it sounded interesting. It means "Fun things". Nickname is Tanomono.

You may or may not notice from my recs that I can get picky. Though that's usually only with fanart. If I don’t think a site is worth my time, I’ll move on (though I might bookmark the site if it looks promising for the future). Also, I don’t like toning things down. I don’t like being on my tip toes all the time in case someone is “disturbed” about stuff I rec. I try to label things as clearly as possible, but I’m not going to treat you with kid gloves, so don’t expect things like “it doesn’t have to be *insert pairing* if you don’t want it to be." I’m not going to feel bad for what I like, and if you don’t like what I do, that’s fine. I’m not forcing you to read it. I also rate things and let you know the pairings, so you shouldn't have any trouble skipping over it if you like (or don't like ;D).

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Site/journal owner: keitorin

Site name: Tanoshii na Mono

Site URL: http://www.tanomono.net

Journal URL: http://tanomono.livejournal.com/

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