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Naruto, HxH: 5 fanart sites [PG - NC-17]

Fossil Seat Galaxy

Title: 化石座銀河
柊はるか (Hiiragi Haruka)
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: Jiraiya x Yondaime, Naruto x Hinata
Rating: PG
My thoughts: Aw, lots of Yondaime + Baby Naruto! So very cute.There's this silly comic where Jiraiya gives Kakashi one of his books called "いちゃいちゃカカライフ" (Make Out Kaka Life), and on the cover is Yondaime chasing after Kakashi. xD My absolute favorite illustration is the fourth one in the SUNSHINE section. Its Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura, and they look absolutely adorable!
Note: Its the site at the very bottom of the page with "KASEKIZA GINGA" on the banner.

Late Blooming

Title: 遅咲き
まなお (Manao)
Fandoms: Naruto, Mr. FULLSWING
Pairing: Neji x Sasuke, Neji x Tenten, Naruto x Neji, Hayate x Neji, Lee x Tenten, Lee + Neji
Rating: PG-13
My thoughts: What an interesting pairing (HayaNeji)! Somehow, they look sweet together... This site is mainly Neji and Team Gai, but it smatterings of other stuff too. I like the 'traditional' feel of this art, its not like the bright colors CG can be. I enjoyed the style of this site and would like to see what Manao comes out with next. :)

Maze Playing Hallway

Title: 迷路遊廊
Fandom: 無双 (Musou), Silent Hill, Naruto, FF (VII & AC),  大神 (Ookami), D.Gray-Man,  Gintama (Silver Soul), other
Pairing: Shikamaru x Neji, Kimimaro + Juugo, Kakashi x Sasuke, Itachi + Sasuke, Sasuke+ Suigetsu + Karin
Rating: PG
My thoughts: Pairing! Totally makes me nostalgic for the fic "More than a Genius" (ShikaNeji). Besides that, this site makes me SO happy! The style and coloring is phenomenal - and they have the newest characters, Karin, Suigetsu, and Juugo and they're drawn excellently! The Kimi+Juu stuff is too cute, and I am just really excited to see more. *_*

Sake God

Title: 酒神
バッカス (Bakkasu)
Fandom: Naruto, other
Pairing: Kakashi x Iruka, Naruko x female!Iruka, Genma x Hayate?
Rating: R
My thoughts: ...Holy shit. What a gorgeous style! Its like a more shoujo style of canon. Except, you know, with yaoi. My absolute favorite illustrations are the young Kakashi and Iruka, and my favorite thing overall is the interesting ideas in a lot of the illustrations (such as the one of Kakashi and Iruka in wedding attire! homg.)

Sky-Blue Apple

Title: 空色の林檎
花峰ショウ (Hanamine Shou)
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Pairings: Hisoka x Gon, Killua x Gon, Kurapika x Gon, Kuroro x Gon, Leorio x Kurapika, Hisoka x Killua, Kuroro x Kurapika
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Shota, disturbing imagery - highlight to see what: Hisoka kissing Gon's decapitated head, Hisoka has a serious blood, gore, and violence fetish, but you already knew that.
My thoughts: Eee, Gon is so cute here! He's really canon looking, too. I say he's cute because he blushes in this fanart, and it makes me want to hug him. *cough* Hisoka also looks really canon in a lot of the illustrations. He is featured without make up a lot too, and he looks very handsome, oh my. xD This site really has a canon style going, and it makes it really hard not to fangirl about it because its really hot seeing the characters drawn in these positions!


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