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Note about Japanese sites:
Japanese fanart sites tend to go down or change to reflect the artist's changes with involvement in fandom. I do check for broken links every year, but I only fix them on the site archive as it's too much of an undertaking to do both the site and the journal.


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Title: Spin the Sky
Fandom: The Hobbit (2012)
Pairing: Fili/Bilbo/Kili, Fili/Kili
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Genre: Canon AU
Author's Summary: The year he comes of age Bilbo accepts that he’ll never meet his print-mate.

In the weeks following that he devours every single book he can about dwarves and he learns a few things. Namely that they’re more secretive than even hobbits and that in all of the books he reads he doesn’t find a single mention of a dwarf having a match with someone who wasn’t a dwarf themselves.

So that’s how it is Bilbo thinks and then he forces himself to get rid of all the books on dwarves and he never says a word when anyone asks him about his print-marks.

My thoughts: I'm not big on the idea of the '[one] true love' cliché, but if done right, I really enjoy it in fiction. I also really like threesomes so that was a big draw for me. The ideas (print-mates and Ones chiefly) never bothered me as I read this, it felt very natural and enjoyable to read about - especially the differences between races! I quite liked that. I think the greatest thing was getting to see Bilbo from the start - from a babe in Belladonna's arms to the hobbit he became. After a reread,

I only had a few things that I noticed: it could have used a beta reader, it didn't explain how Bilbo was bathing without people seeing his print-marks, I didn't agree that hobbits don't sing (even if it's not always well), and I would have liked to have seen more of what Fili/Kili were thinking even though I know it's in Bilbo's POV.


It doesn’t matter if he wants to leave or if his skin itches. His print-mate is a dwarf and what has he to offer? Hobbits rarely leave the Shire and even then what would happen if he did? He’d be too young or too old and no matter how many times he thinks about it (and he does, he spends hours thinking about it probably just as many hours as he does touching his print-marks, tracing the way the gold and blue twist together) he can never see a way it works.

So he buries himself in his books and his maps and when one day he realizes he’s all alone, he’ll probably always be all alone, well by that time he’s built up enough walls where it doesn’t hurt as bad even if the ache where his heart would be says otherwise.

Title: Example Par Excellence
Author: fencer_x
Fandom: No.6
Pairing: Pre-Nezumi x Shion
Rating: Teen Audiences and Up
Author's Summary: Shion's just a little jealous is all.

My thoughts: Poor Shion, he gets picked on too much. =P This is a post-anime fic. I think the author meant to put 'envy' in the summary, because Shion clearly envies Nezumi's skills. I understand Shion's inability to speak up against the teasing too well. This fic makes me wish I could reach through the screen and reassure Shion. It's not a sad fic, but there's still some growing up to do and things our boys need to work through.


On the one hand he's of course fascinated by all the skills Nezumi possesses, the seemingly impossible tricks he can pull off, and he's never shy about showing his interest with wide eyes and gaping mouth and entreaties to come on--there's no need to keep it a secret from me! Nezumi has grown in so many ways during their time apart, probably gone on more adventures than can be fit into the dozens of books in his little library and seen places Shion can only imagine, met people from all walks of life.

I finally got to see The Hobbit the other day. I've been getting into a lot of new things lately though, so it's been hard to settle down and rec something. @_@ But here's a short fic!

Title: Courting Mr Baggins
Fandom: The Hobbit (2012)
Pairing: Thorin/Bilbo
Rating: General Audiences
Author's Summary: Thorin decided to court Bilbo. The only problem was, the hobbit didn't seem to have noticed.

My thoughts: Short fic set at some point during the journey before they reach the Lonely Mountain. It seems like there are many courting fics where there is some difference between the dwarves and hobbit's methods, but I'll probably never get tired of reading them. This one is short and sweet with a touch of humor, and made me smile. The illustration is adorable.


Eventually, Gandalf decided to get involved. “Have you considered that Bilbo might not be aware of your courtship?”

“How could he not be?” snorted Thorin. “He braided oak leaves in my beard today.”

Thorin’s beard was indeed boasting a few spots of deep green colour. Gandalf thought they looked surprisingly neat.

“Hobbits are not the most subtle of creatures,” answered the wizard. “When there is something on their minds, they generally just say it.”

Rec'ing for Femslash February.

Title: Peer to Peer
Author: childishGambino
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Vriska ♦/♥ Kanaya
Rating: Explicit
Author's Summary: After a video conversation ends with an unusual technical error, Vriska gets a sneak peek into Kanaya's private life. She ends up seeing a lot more than she expected to... and she doesn't particularly want to keep it private.

My thoughts: This is my first time reading VrisKan, and Vriska is by no means my favorite character, but...I think it's interesting to think about what it would have been like if they'd been more than moirails. In this fic, we get to see what might have happened if Vriska found out how Kanaya really felt, and how Vriska might have reacted accordingly (PWP-style XD).

I think in the webcomic, Kanaya genuinely did want to help Vriska as a moirail even if it meant not being her matesprit, but in this fic it seems a few things went differently (it's like a lighter version of events), so I can chalk it up to that that she wasn't worried about leaving Vriska without a moirail (although maybe she'll still act as one? we don't really see at the end).

Also, I've read a lot of webcam fics (with or without masturbation) lately, I guess I have a thing for them? =P


"Ooooooooh, somebody's got a cruuuuuuush!" You lean forward, putting both your elbows on your desk and resting your chin on the back of your hands. "Who is it?"

"Vriska, I don't want to talk about this," she says, still looking away.

"Oh, come oooooooon."

She turns back to the camera. "

You throw your hands up. "Okay, okay, fine! God, I was just trying to help. I know you probably think I'm just some crazy broad, but I honestly worry about you! You need to blow off some steam once in a while." Suddenly, something occurs to you, and you grin deviously. "At the very least," you begin, leaning over to reach under your desk, "you should get yourself one of these!" You grab the item in question and present it to the webcam: a vibrator, eight inches long, the same shade of blue as the symbol on your shirt.

Kanaya looks horrified. "Vriska, what..." she sputters. "Where did you get that?!" Wow. You figured she'd freak out, but she almost sounds
angry. What's her deal?

Title: Looks just like the sun
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairings: Dave/Karkat, past pre-Karkat/Terezi
Rating: Explicit
Spoilers: At least up to Act 6 Intermission 2 (6716)
Author's Summary: 

“Holy shit,” you whisper. Dave joins you at the window.

There are no stars left in the sky. Nothing but blackness and a faint soap bubble sheen.

“Is that a dream bubble?” Dave says.

And then it swallows you.

My thoughts: First of all, I love the dream bubble mechanics in this! I've read fic where they're involved before, but not in this much detail. I also love the detail with troll biology. I felt really bad for Karkat with his eyes, especially in the second read through (and I wanted to give Dave a talking to about not being a jerk...but then the character growth wouldn't have been as good).

The way the author expanded the troll, Medium and dream bubble worlds was fascinating to read and I would have liked to read more for sure! I'm intensely curious about what happened to the others in the bubble. The pictures that the words painted in my head were so clear of everything, especially of the lands.

I really admire the way the interaction between Karkat and Dave was interwoven with the action. The pacing was so perfect! The sex scene was a delight - I'd read scenes like that from this author whatever the pairing. Karkat's quadrant confusion was also done really well, I felt like I was trying to deal with it just as much as he was. I also felt like even though Karkat was blind, ironically, we got to see another side of Dave through him.

With all that and more, it comes as no surprise to me that this won a fanfiction contest.


“How far away is it?” you say. At least the effort of struggling through the snow is keeping you warm.

“Maybe a mile?” Dave says. He rises up again into the air for another look, then sinks back down. “Yeah, it’s… pretty far.”

“Fuuuck,” you groan. You’re trying to think of warm memories in the hopes that the dream bubble will get the hint, but it seems to be taking its sweet time. “I’m going to freeze to death in this fucking bubble.”

“Is that possible?” Dave asks.

“Is what possible.”

“Dying for real here.”

“I don’t think freezing to death is very heroic or just,” you say. “As much as I think you’d really fucking deserve it. But yeah, obviously. Our real bodies are here. We’re not dreaming or dead. We’re actually here.”

“So you’re saying that if we die in the dream, we die in real life.”

is real life.”

Title: Alternatives
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Tavros♥Dave
Rating: Explicit
Author's Summary: Tavros is a little too big for Dave, so they have to find an alternative.

My thoughts: "Look, hot DaveTav fic by that author who does the best bottom!Dave ever" is what my friend gushed to me as she linked me to 'Alternatives'. After I saw the premise, it sparked off a discussion about troll anatomy and headcanon (not our first one), which is always fun. We like being geeky and pondering all those dirty details. *ahem*

Intercrural sex has always been interesting to me, but now that I'm in the Homestuck fandom reading all the ways troll/human pairings can get around/work with differences or similarities in anatomy is fascinating and fun. I enjoy reading bottom!Dave too, especially when Tav talks sexy to Dave (usually without even trying - he's just speaking his mind). So this fic has all of that!


“Uhhhh… there might be, a small problem, then,” Tavros swallowed, knowing his cheeks were growing progressively darker the more Dave stared at his squirming bulge.

“I wouldn’t call that small, by any means,” Dave retorted, eyes wide, betraying the loss of his cool act. “Fuck, for how much it pains me, I… that will never
fit inside me”.

Tavros’ cheeks were a bright shade of brown, and he looked away, almost mortified.

His bulge squirmed again, and he bit his lower lip in an attempt to reign control over it.

Title: It's Probably Plain to See That I Got a Whole Lot of Pain In Me
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Karkat♦Gamzee
Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: Your moirail is something of a shambling disaster -- his hair is a tangled, frizzy mess, his clothes are tattered at the hems and grimy, and he could stand a wash or five himself. But it isn't, you've realized, that Gamzee doesn't want to care for himself, it's more that he doesn't know how to take care of himself well. You're not sure why, since he had access to the same schoolfeeding as everyone else, but maybe it was because he was alone too much for so long. Maybe it's hard to care, or know to care, when there's no one to fuss over you.

My thoughts: This is the sweetest, most tender (and romantic) Karkat♦Gamzee fic in the world. ;__; I love how moirallegiance is presented in it. The intimacy, care and trust make my heart ache with how beautiful it is! I love how it shows the kind of moirallegiance where both can help to stop the other's self-defeating tendencies.

I have all the feels in the Incipisphere about Gamzee and Karkat now (not that I didn't before, but this just takes the cake).


You lock yourselves in the first full ablution chamber you find. As you set out your supplies on the counter, you see Gamzee's reflection fidget with the hem of his shirt. "Uh, Karbro?"


"You're all... going to be staying here with me? And, uh..." His reflection bites his lip. "Helping me, uh. Wash?"

Your digestive sac backflips. "I said I would, so I will." You swallow hard and drop your gaze to the counter, unable to look at him even through a reflection. "If-- if you want me to."

Gamzee is silent a long time, long enough you have to start holding your breath to keep in your feelings. "I want you to, Karkat," he says in a shaky whisper. You turn and find him standing with his head bowed and his shoulders hunched like a frightened wiggler.

You're close and stroking his face before you before your thinkpan registers you moved. "Shh. I'll take care of you." You surprise yourself with how much you mean it. He surprises you with sniffle.

Title: FEELING AWKWARD: the TV show. (?)
Author: Bex (HandbagMurder)
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Cronus/Kankri
Rating: Explicit
My summary: “It’s called a suit… it’s a bit modern for my tastes but you gotta admit it looks classy. Real suave like.” (- taken from fic)

My thoughts: I think Kankri has discovered a big fetish for suits. =P I don't think this is what Dave meant for the clothes to be used for though! I found this fic to be some really hot, sensual smut. I love how Cronus was written in it, he wasn't over-the-top and he showed some vulnerability. I love how Kankri struggled and failed to control his unexpected reaction. The sex was well-done in my opinion. *_* I'll definitely be checking out more from this author.


“Hey, Chief. Come here a sec?”

“What is it?” you are sitting on a pile in his hive, reading one of the fascinating human periodicals he keeps lined up on his bookshelf while he gets his fashions in accordance for your amiable evening wander, a tradition that has existed for maybe the last sixty years. Mostly because there was little to do, when one was dead, but also partially so that you can offer him advice and support during the challenging transition he faces. “I’m just reading this.”

“Kan, just tell me what you think?”

The book is snatched from your hands, and you snap your head up in preparation to launch into a spiel about manners, when your words are stolen and your jaw drops, because you have seen Cronus many ways, over many (many) years, but you have never seen him like this.

Rating system

I'm going to start using AO3's rating system. =) I'll probably change the rating tags to reflect that.


Title: Oh, How We To And Fro
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairings: Dirk/John, one-sided Dirk/Jake, one-sided Dave/John, mentioned other
Rating: Mature
Warning: Talk of human and troll anatomy
Author's Summary: John is a little bit charming, and more than a little bit of an asshole. It catches Dirk's attention more than he expected.

My thoughts: Wow, a rediscovered fic! I remember reading this before I even got to the Alpha Kids. I don't always agree with John's characterization but generally I like how he's written here. I loved how the author went into the differences between human and troll society with gender, sex (anatomy) and roles! I took away some of that as my headcanon. I think I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Kanaya and Rose in that part or later, actually.

I love the idea of a shipping wall on the meteor - oh, pardon me, romspec. XD And I like how involved the others are, it's not just focused on Dirk and John. The ending is definitely a bit ambiguous, but in my head, either a threesome happens or Dave ends up going for someone else, because I am so not into love triangles. The imagery of Dirk practicing kissing with robots (and his hand) is hilarious, oh yes~


Dirk can handle the meteor and the trolls – he's seen far more bizarre things during the course of their game session – but what throws him off is the other four kids. There is something of him in Rose's sardonic grin and something of Roxy in the way she sometimes winks after making a joke so lewd that Dirk feels a glow of pride. Jane is in every one of Jade's smiles, and even though he barely comes up above Dirk's shoulder, Dave looks so much like the shorter, younger version of Dirk's ancestor that Dirk catches himself staring at him for too long.

John comes as the biggest surprise. When Dirk first sees him standing next to Jake, he can't believe what he is looking at. Jake is dark skinned like Jade, while John's lighter complexion is the same as Jane's, but other than that, they could be the same person, and it muddles Dirk. At a closer glance, the differences are more apparent. Where Jake's jaw is square, John's is rounder, and although he has a good couple of inches on Jake's height, he lacks the well-developed form that Jake has, all elbows and sharp corners where Jake is muscle.



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